Friday, September 12, 2014

Nice Bracelets !!

Job site : Centennial hall  UMN
Temperature : -20C ( important to mention :p)
Shift  : 7.00 pm to 10 pm (some sunday, Fall 2013)

I went to cover my UDS shift at centennial from the lab. It was snowing heavily outside ,as usual. I walked through the snow. Swiping meal pass card and greeting them with smile was not a tough job, but it became monotonous after sometime and then that "masked smile" disappeared. Suddenly I heard "Nice bracelets". I was quite surprised, I  took the card from her and swiped and said "hi!! how was your day today??" She said  again "It was good,. How are you? You got nice Bracelets " and went inside the dining hall as the next visitor was in queue. Suddenly I got my smile back. It was a not a bracelets, but the "Rakhi" which were given my sisters while I was leaving India for study. I did not untie while Raksha Bandhan was already over two month back. Thanks you very much  my dear sisters for that . That gave me my hidden smile back on my face.,which was not fake :)

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