Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm yours..!!

You are not mine , I m not yours .
But still emotion pours ..........!!

You don't say to love, I also ignore
Still desperately hope floats....!!

You are so busy , even I work day long
Still the crowded deep alone...!!

You say no sweets , I say no rose..
Still heart feels to be with you...!!

You say to slow, even I don't rush
Still the time generating pain.... !!

You are the world, I never said.
Still saying myself to move away..!!

-Ziddi Satya
 wrote on 19th Jan,2014.. first two lines  then could not continue..  lost the rhythm, as i broke my wrist..

but like "Aankhon ki kinwar mein band"  [ ] it is combined with atri di's imagination.. further...this time atri di added and completes this..hopefully..:p 

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