Friday, September 23, 2011

hiding from my heart hurts..!!!

Hiding from my heart hurts!!!

Only heart says right  but why its voice is silent..
When I sink in the sea of life , it shows me an island..

To you, I might look glad....with shaking  hands and saying a 'hi'..
To you, I might be cheering …saying  hurrah..on going so high…

But how can I show the feeling of my heart....
Which never questions , but always looks for the reply….
a reply which is not a star with some shine,
a reply which makes it’s carrying happiness from thousandsof miles..

If tears  roll down  ,I could hide it in rain…
If you hurt me, I can bear  that pain..
But how would I wipe the tears of my heart…
So hiding from my heart really hurts..!!!

There is always conflict between heart n mind…
Mind thinks , then says .. but heart is very kind..
It  silently  says.......  without bothering mind…
true smile comes , when I  follow it being blind..

Why the heart is always true?
Why its smile is always true?
Why its beat  sounds a rhythm..
Oh!! "SHE" lives there!! That’s the clue !!

Why was I hiding from my heart? It seems worst.
Now I am listening to my heart .. ..I blindly trust..!!

--hu hu huuuuu  mazaaa aa gaya ..first trial in English..:) grt job sat ...!!.


  1. great job man...
    Its nice u are exploring ur hidden talent keep going :)

  2. thanks dost...!! explore to bahut kuchh kar lu ..but time nahi milta..

  3. Hobbies k liye time nahi nikalna hota hai you are above 20 still you can write.....this is what you called hobby you can write anytime any where...brilliantly.....very nice man and relaxing too...keep it up!!!